Prof. Michele Fratianni

Michele Fratianni

Emeritus Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University (USA)

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Education: B.A. at Ohio State University; M.A. in Economics at Ohio State University; Ph.D. in Economics at Ohio State University.

Research interests: Macroeconomics; Monetary economics; International finance; Public choice; Business and finance; Economic integration of Europe.

Present positions: Promoting member, MoFiR ● Founder and Managing Editor, Open Economies Review●Co-editor, Global Finance series ● Review Board: The International Trade Journal; Political Economy of Global Interdependence ● Memberships: American Economics Association; International Trade and Finance Association (Director).

Awards and acknowledgments: AMOCO Faculty Fellow, 1993-1998 ● Fulbright Senior Research Fellow, 1985-1986 ● St. Vincent Prize in Economics 1992.

Web resources on Professor Fratianni: Fratianni's bio for 2006 retirement ( ● Michele Fratianni at IDEAS/RePEc (


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Working papers and drafts:

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