Prof. Paul M. Hirsch

Paul M. Hirsch

James L. Allen Distinguished Professor of Strategy, Management and Organizations
Chair of the Management and Organizations Department
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University, Illinois (USA)

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Education: B.A. at City College of new York; M.A. in Sociology at the University of Michigan; Ph.D. in Sociology at University of Michigan.

Research interests: Sociology of culture; Organizational culture; Organizational behavior; Organizational change, innovation; Human resource management; Careers, employment relationship and corporate takeovers; Mergers, acquisitions and restructuring; Compensation; Corporate strategy, and strategy formulation and implementation; Mass communication, newspaper management.

Present positions: Professor, Weinberg College of Arts of Sciences, Northwestern University ● Professor, School of Communication, Northwestern University ● Fellow, Center for International Studies, Northwestern University ● Fellow, Center for Policy Research, Northwestern University ● Editorial Board, Journal of Management Studies.

Awards and acknowledgments: Western Academy of Management Presidential Award, 2005 ● Distinguished Scholar, American Academy of Management, 1998.


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Working papers and drafts:

(2009) Jo-Ellen Pozner, Paul M. Hirsch. Terminal isomorphism and the self‐destructive potential of success: Lessons from sub‐prime mortgage origination and securitization (draft:

(2007/2008) Paul M. Hirsch, Razvan Lungeanu. Between endogenous logics: The deinstitutionalization of mortgage lending as carnival, not tsunami (

(2002) Michael Lounsbury, Marc J. Ventresca, Paul M. Hirsch, Social movements, field frames and industry emergence: A cultural-political perspective on U.S. recycling (working paper:

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