Prof. Dražen Prelec

Dražen Prelec

Digital Equipment Corp. LGO Professor of Management Science
Professor of Management, Management Science and Economics
Sloan School of Management
Department of Economics
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

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Education: A.B. in Applied Mathematics at Harvard College; Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology at Harvard University.

Research interests: Psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience; Decision making: rules, policies, principles, self-control, self-inference; Self-signalling, self-deception; Expert judgment: design of group scoring rules for training experts and eliciting their judgments; Time preference; Mental accounting, savings and debt attitudes, credit cards; Addictive overconsumption; Risk: probability weighing, psychophysics of small probabilities.

Present positions: Team, the MIT Virtual Customer Initiative ( ● Digital Marketing Strategy Group, the MIT Center for Digital Business ( ● Faculty, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence ( ● Advisory Board, Micronotes (

Awards and acknowledgments: Leon Levy Member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton ● Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 2005 ( ● Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 1997-1998 ● Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows, 1982-1985.

Web resources on Professor Prelec: Readings packet: The information pump (; ● Lecture: Emerging perspectives in decision making (with G. Huber, J. Lynch, T. Ho), AMA Doctoral Consortium, 2003 (slides: ● MIT OpenCourseWare, 2002: Listening to the customer (; Strategic marketing measurement ( ● Prelec discusses consumer confidence at Pbs Online Newshour, 2001 ( ● Spectrum MIT, 1999, The psychology of spending ( ● Videolectures: Prelec’s Lecture: Neuroeconomics (video:


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Working papers and drafts:

(2008) Rebecca Weiss, Drazen Prelec. An interactive tool to optimally aggregate crowd wisdom (Working paper:

(2007) Yonathan Loewenstein, Drazen Prelec, H. Sebastian Seung. A “matchimizing” theory of consumption (

(2006) Drazen Prelec, H. Sebastian Seung. An algorithm that finds truth even if most people are wrong (

(2005) Ariely, D., Loewenstein, G., and Prelec, D., Tom Sawyer and the construction of value. Working paper 05-10, Federal Reserve bank of Boston (

(2001) Ronit Bodner, Drazen Prelec. Self-signaling and diagnostic utility in everyday decision making (


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