Prof. Harrison C. White

Harrison C. White

Giddings Professor of Sociology
Columbia University, New York (USA)

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Education: B.Sc. in Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D in Theoretical Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Ph.D in Sociology at Princeton University.

Research interests: Economic sociology; Mathematical sociology and mathematical modelling: combinatorial and algebraic models, stochastic system operation models, control (feedback) systems; Control processes through agency; Social network and discourse analyses; Sociolinguistics and discourse analysis; Social networks and entrepreneurial phenomena; Field studies and mathematical analyses of business firms and market operation; Sociology of art.

Present positions: Board of Advisory Editors, Poetics ● Memberships: National Academy of Sciences; American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Awards and acknowledgments: A book dedicated to Professor White's contributions in Sociology: General sociology of Harrison C. White: Chaos and order in networks, by Reza Azarian, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 (, also sample chapter) ● Co-winner Zelizer Award for best book, Economic Sociology Section, ASA, 2004 ● Professor of the Year Award, 2002: Sociology Graduate Students of Columbia University ● Career Achievement Award, Mathematical Sociology section, American Sociological Association, August, 2002 ● Merit Award, Eastern Sociological Society, 1998 ● Doctor of Humane Letters, University of Chicago, 1998 ● ASA Stouffer Award in Metodology, 1975 ● Guggenheim Fellow, 1973.

Web resources on Professor White: White's page at Wikipedia ( ● The cultural turn at UC-SB: Instituting and Institutions, 4th annual interdisciplinary conference, 2003 ( ● Interview with Harrison White, A. MacLean and A. Olds, 2001 (


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Working papers and drafts:

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(2007) with Frédéric Godart and Victor Corona. Mobilizing identities: Uncertainty and control in strategy. Theory, Culture & Society (draft:

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