Prof. Ronald L. Breiger

Ronald L. Breiger

Professor of Sociology
University of Arizona (USA)

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Education: A.B. Brandeis; PhD at Harvard University.

Research interests: Sociological theory; Quantitative methodology; Objects and methods of cultural analysis; Social networks and research methods in social network analysis; Mathematical models, theory. measurement issues; Cultural and institutional analysis; Stratification and mobility; Sociology of rights, justice, and law.

Present positions: Directors’ Fellow, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy ( ● Board of Advisory Editors, Poetics.

Awards and acknowledgments: 2005 George Simmel Award, International Network for Social Network Analysis (


(Moslty available at Professor Breiger's web page:

(2005) R.L. Breiger, Ethical dilemmas in social network research: Introduction to special issue. Social Networks 27/2: 89 - 93 (

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Working papers and drafts:

(2009) R.L. Breiger, On the duality of cases and variables: Correspondence Analysis (CA) and Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Pp. 243-59 in David Byrne and Charles C. Ragin (eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Case-Based Methods (draft:

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(1974) Ronald L. Breiger, Scott A. Boorman and Phipps Arabie, An algorithm for blocking relational data, with applications to social network analysis and comparison with multidimensional scaling (Technical report:

(----)Ray-May Hsung, Ronald Breiger, Relation-specific social resources and their explanation: Comparison among Taiwan, China and United States (

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