Prof. George Ritzer

George Ritzer

Distinguished University Professor of Sociology
University of Maryland (USA)

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Education: B.A. in Psychology at City College of New York; M.B.A. at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior at Cornell University.

Research interests: Social theory and metatheory; Economic sociology; Sociology of science; Globalization theory; Sociology of consumption; Industrial sociology; Political sociology; Theory of rationalization.

Present positions: Editor, Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology ● Editor, Journal of Consumer Culture ● Associate Editor, Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change ● Editorial Board, Sociology Analysis ● Consulting Editor: St. Martin Press/Worth, Series on Contemporary Social Issues; Sage of England, Series on Cultural Icons; McGraw-Hill.

Awards and acknowledgments:Who’s Who in Social Science Higher Education, 2004; Who’s Who in American Education; Who’s Who in the World; Who’s Who in the Est ● Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award 2000, American Sociological Association ● Barry Smart has edited a book, Resisting McDonaldization, Sage, 1999, devoted to essays on Ritzer's McDonaldization thesis ● Mark Alfino, John Caputo and Robin Wynyard have edited a volume,  McDonaldization Revisited, Greenwood Press, 1998, also involving essays on Ritzer's McDonaldization ● Special issue of the Dutch journal Sociale Wetenschappen 4, 1996 devoted to Rotzer's book "The McDonaldization of Society".

Some web resources on Professor Ritzer: Ritzer's page on Wikipedia ( ● Video Interviews with George Ritzer ( ● Being (George Ritzer) and Nothingness: An Interview with George Ritzer (by Steven Dandaneau and Robin Dodsworth, published in The American Sociologist / Winter 2006: ● A Consuming Passion: An Interview with George Ritzer (by Steven Dandaneau and Robin Dodsworth, 2006: ● D. Jensen interviews Ritzer on the disappearance of authentic American culture, 2002 ( ● Interview to Ritzer by One-Off Productions, 1997 ( ● Among modern social theorists, at Professor Elwell's website ( ● George Ritzer Room (with original works online: ● Videolectures: George Ritzer’s discussion: The Rise of the Prosumer, December 2009 (video:


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Working papers and drafts:

(2009) George Ritzer, Nathan Jurgenson. Production, consumption, prosumption: The nature of capitalism in the age of the digital “prosumer” (

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